Salut! I'm Eric BARBEAU, and I imagine, design and build user interfaces. My beard is currently slightly longer than on the picture shown above.

I have 8+ years of experience designing, improving and shipping web products and applications.
I'm currently open to new opportunities so feel free to drop me an email!

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I’m Eric, a designer from Earth, Milky Way Earth is an inhabited planet situated in the Solar System. Longitude: 179° 56′ 39.4″ Latitude: +0° 2′ 46.2″ Distance: 7940 ± 420 parsecs

I do

December 2020

Pigeonhole Live Chat

The year 2020 was a different one for all of us and for Pigeonhole Live, it mostly meant that most events would shift from physical events to virtual or hybrid events.

One of the most awaited feature for our virtual events was the chat functionality and I was pleased to take the lead on designing, building a live POC and taking part in the final build of Pigeonhole Live Chat which turned out to be one of our most appreciated release of the year 2020.

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March 2020

Microsoft Teams App

Earlier this year, Pigeonhole Live released a new MS Teams app to allow users to create and manage Q&As directly from MS Teams interface.

As the product lead on this project, I was in charge of creating all the design for the App and also created all the marketing content, illustrations and videos used for this big release.

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September 2017

Pigeonhole Live admin

One of the issues to be tackled while working on Pigeonhole Live, was the amount of questions coming from the audience and how to efficiently filter them. That was the starting point of my work on re-designing the admin interface.

Find here a case study on the design thinking behind the build of this admin interface.

January 2016


I worked at Roomorama for a year and took the lead of the UI/UX team to help improving the product's interface.

Even if it unfortunately doesn't exist anymore, Roomorama was one of the major players on the Vacation Rental industry, especially in South East Asia.

October 2015


I've been involved with the PhiXL team for quite a long time now. In the summer of 2015, they came to me and asked me to work on their brand identity.

I came up with a brand new logo, a refreshed stationery and a new design for the website.

February 2015


I was in charge of the design of all the digital projects while I was working at Catch Design from February 2014 to November 2014.

I worked on the design of the new website and on all the illustrations used by the brand.

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August 2014


This was the second big project where I was in charge of the User Interface Design while I was working at Catch Design.

This was a challenging project where we had a huge amount of content to organize.

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